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Quick FAQs

Do You Serve/Have Food? (Are We A Restaurant?)

Fast Answer: No! – More Detailed Answer: Yes, we do have snacks – but we’re NOT a restaurant!

We are proud to serve snack items from local producers like Baker Street Bavarian Pretzels and Mountain Pie Company, as well as other quick grab-n-go items like Chex-Mix, Cheezits, and such.

Why Don't You Have Wine?

Since we are a Brewery with a Manufacturers License (vs. a Brewpub, which is a restaurant license with brewing added on), we are only allowed to sell beer. And sadly that prevents us from have Cider as well – since that is considered ‘Wine’ in the eyes of the state.

Do You Have Beer To-Go?

We do sell beer to-go in a few sizes:

Growlers – Standard 64oz fill. You can bring in your own (Just be sure it’s clean please!), or you can purchase one of glass Growlers at the Taproom.

Howler/Squealer – Smaller version of the Growler with only a 32oz fill. We don’t have these in stock, but if you have one at home please feel free to bring it in for us to fill. (Again, please make sure it’s clean!)

Crowlers – These are 32oz Cans that we can fill and seal at the taproom! The cans are made of Aluminum, and you can take these many places you can’t/won’t take glass! Discounts for multiple cans purchased.

Can I Buy A Keg/Get One Filled?

At the moment we don’t sell or fill kegs for customer use. As we grow we hope to add this option to our menu, but at the moment we’re too small to handle this.

Is There A Food Truck Today/Tonight?

For current Food Truck schedules at the taproom, be sure to check our Facebook page for any updates or calendars!

Taproom Info

Brewery Info


We ARE Food-Friendly, so feel free to bring in any food you’d like from any of the great local restaurants in Castle Rock – even if we have a Food Truck at the brewery that day! You might not want what they’re serving, so grab what you want from where you want and come on in!

Dogs & Kids Allowed

Although we have a few “rules” for each!

Rules for Dogs:
Must be well-behaved.
On leash at ALL TIMES.
No Paws on the Tables or the Bar.

Info for Kids:
Must be well-behaved (ie. no running around uncontrolled).
No Kids at the Bar. (It’s not a State law, but please respect our patrons and choose a table instead.)
We do have some games, but feel free to bring your own if you want.

Adult Language and Adult Topics are common-place in breweries and taprooms. Be aware of this fact with your children. We are not going to police the language in this facility, so you must be ok with your kids hearing these conversations.

No Outside Alcohol

Standard law from the state of Colorado. So, please don’t bring in anything – we’ll just have to confiscate it. And No, you won’t get it back when you leave.

Weekly Specials

Monday: Pizza Mondays – FREE Slice with every Pint purchase. (Limited Slices Available)

Tuesday: To-Go 32oz Crowlers for only $10 each!

Wednesday: Pie & Pint Night – Get a Mountain Pie & a US Pint for only $10.

Thursday: Service Night – Teachers, EMTs, Police & Fire, Nurses, and Active & Retired Military – 20%-Off tab with valid ID.

Friday: Rotating Fun – A rotating selection of Food Trucks, Cask Ales, or other fun events!

2-BBL System

Here at CRBC we run a fully electric small-batch brewing system built by Stout Tanks out of Portland, OR. It’s a standard 3-vessel brewery setup with a HLT (Hot Liquor Tank), Mash Tun, and Boil Kettle.

Fully Electric

Both the HLT and Boil Kettle are powered by three 5500-watt stainless steel elements…each! That makes for a bit of power (about 16,500 watts at full power) helping to heat water, but when you’re trying to bring 80Gal of wort to a boil you want that kind of power!

Beer Service Temps

We serve our beers a bit warmer than the typical American beer bar. Over the years, Americans have been sold a bill-of-goods that says your beer has to be as close to Freezing temps (32° F) as possible – but that mutes any flavor the beer has. Our beers are served at about 46-48° F so that the flavors of the beer have a chance to entice your palate. (Typical beer cellar temps in the UK & Germany are 50-55° F)

No Tours

We don’t offer tours of the Brewery at the moment. It’s a small space, and for insurance reasons we’re not able to take you back into the brewing area to see it.

Other FAQs

Can I Hold An Event There? (Birthdays, Receptions, etc.)

Of Course! Just stop in to chat with Mark or Jess, or feel free to shoot us an email with some of the details. We’ll have to put together a custom quote for you, but we’d love to help you host an awesome event!

When is [XYZ Beer] Coming Back?

Our seasonal beers (and other beloved beers) can come and go with the seasons. If you’re curious about a certain beer coming back be sure to let us know and we can see what might be in the pipeline!

How Long Have You Been Open?

We opened our doors to the public in January of 2016, so at the moment we’re coming up on 2 years of being open!

Do You Have Live Music?

Short Answer: No.
We love live music as much as you do, but the space we have is just a bit too small for live music. The sound level would just be overwhelming. Sorry.