Whispers of the Sea Queen & the Red Irish Cask

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Whispers of the Sea Queen & the Red Irish Cask

Friday Beer Release: Sea Queen Stout
Dry Irish Stout – 5.6% ABV, 49 IBUs
A classic black beer from the shores of Ireland. This one is a great example of a smooth, malty/complex stout with roasted & coffee notes.

The Legend of Grace O’Malley
What? You’ve not heard of the Pirate Queen of Ireland?
Grace O’Malley came from a family of Noblemen & Sea Merchants on the western side of Ireland in the 16th century. During a time when Ireland was ruled by dozens of local chieftains, O’Malley (who threw off the traditional role of 16th-century women) commanded hundreds of men and some 20 ships in raids on rival clans and merchant ships.

From her home at Rockfleet Castle, O’Malley’s crews would attack ships and fortresses along the shoreline, they plundered Scotland’s outlying islands, and she taxed all those who fished off her coasts, which included fishermen from as far away as England. O’Malley’s ships would stop and board traders & merchants and demand either cash or a portion of the cargo in exchange for safe passage the rest of the way to Galway.

Ambitious and fiercely independent, Grace’s exploits eventually became known through all of Ireland and England. By early 1574, the English (who had been slowly taking control of Irish lands) felt they could no longer ignore her ‘predatory sieges’, so a force of ships and men laid siege to O’Malley at Rockfleet Castle. Within two weeks, the Pirate Queen had turned her defense into an attack and the English were forced to make a hasty retreat.

She was a force to be reckoned with, and our Irish Stout pays tribute to her legend!

Friday Cask: Red Irish Hart
Irish Red Ale – 5.1% ABV, 27 IBUs

The last cask of Irish Red a few weeks ago was so popular, you all demanded it again! So here we have it – more Irish Red on Cask!
We’ll be tapping this cask at the normal appointed time of 4pm on Friday, and drinking it down until it runs dry!