Summer Ale & A Cask on Friday

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Summer Ale & A Cask on Friday

Hills of Somerset

English Bitter – 4.5% ABV, 50 IBUs
An English Bitter brewed with a bit of Wheat, this ale has a hint of citrus on the nose and a classic bitterness on the finish!

Summer has officially arrived (as of 4:07AM this morning) with the passing of the Summer Solstice! With that comes all of the BBQs, family trips, afternoons at the ballpark, and fishing at the pond. Of course, we know many of you have already partaken in much of this since school let out a few weeks ago – but let’s celebrate anyways!

The English Bitter Ale is a classic style that we’ve talked about and served up many a time here at the taproom. But what we haven’t really brought forth yet, until now that is, is a less well-known section within the Bitter family: the Summer Ale! This style has all the trademarks of it’s parents, but is a bit lighter on the color, and sometimes has a bit of Wheat in the brew. Thus we have our newest beer in the CRBC lineup – the ‘Hills of Somerset’, and we’ll be serving him up starting Friday!

Friday Cask: Rhyolite Red IPA

Rye IPA – 5.7% ABV, 63 IBUs
Friday we also have a Cask Ale! Our Rye IPA has been back on the taps now for about a week, and now we’re bringing out the cask version to smooth things out! This version has been dry-hopped to bring out more of the floral aroma of the hops, and we know it’s going to be delicious!

Like normal, we’ll be tapping the Cask @ 4pm on Friday, and pouring until it’s gone! We also have Svenny G’s Egg Rolls & Taquitos Truck here tomorrow, so bring an appetite as well. Let’s get this first weekend of summer kicked off right!