Cask Ale Friday: 6th & Mild

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Cask Ale Friday: 6th & Mild

Friday Cask: 6th & Mild
English Mild Ale – 3.6% ABV, 28 IBUs
A traditional British malt-focused session ale with a hint of cappuccino & a sweet creaminess!

Another Cask Friday is just around the corner and we’ve got a special treat for you Mild lovers out there!

Within the UK, ordering a pint of Mild Ale is as common as ordering a coke is here in the states. It’s just what’s done. But the mild dates back a bit farther than colas do (going back into the 1600’s!), and the tradition continues to this day.

Our mild we’ve had on tap since very early on, but we’ve almost always had it on Nitro. This cask version will be the real deal, with all the subtle flavors and textures of a traditional Mild Ale.

Like clockwork, this cask will tap @ 4pm on Friday and be pouring until we run out! So if you want an chance to get a pint of Mild, you better get here before the Steiner boys do, because they may drink the whole thing!