New Beer Release: Northern English Brown

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New Beer Release: Northern English Brown

Gates of Jorvik
Northern English Brown – 4.5% ABV, 30 IBUs

Long before the modern era of English history, before the World Wars, before the Industrial Revolution, before Guy Fawkes was born, and even before William the Conqueror crossed the channel from France in 1066 – the Great Heathen Army of the Danish Vikings landed on the shores of East Anglia in 865 AD.

They captured an old Roman fortress to the north in Northumbria in 866 and renamed it Jórvik (meaning Wild Boar Creek), and from here would base their army & attacks for the next decade. The gatehouses of this city (also known as Bars – isn’t the English language all kinds of strange!?!) are as famous and historical as they were practical – having been used as controlling entry points into this important town for the next 1000 years!

There is history inside the walls of the city we now know as York as you mix tales of Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Danish, Norman, and English events altogether in one little town. And like their past, there is a history to the beers hailing from this part of the world. We pay homage to that depth of culture and refinement in our newest Brown Ale – the Gates of Jorvik. Come enjoy a pint with us!