Heritage Beer Release: 1830’s Double Stout

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Heritage Beer Release: 1830’s Double Stout

For those of you who have been following us for long enough, you know we like to dabble in the past a bit to bring you beers from history! We’re really excited about this beer, sending you back to the streets of London in the 1830s!

Cask Version: Friday @ 4pm until it’s gone!
Nitro Version: Saturday @ opening (or possibly Friday if you all are good and the cask is killed quickly!)

Liquorpond Double Stout

1830’s Double Stout – 7.4% ABV, 94 IBUs
A beer brought forward in time from the 1830s, this Double Stout will change your idea of what a stout can taste like. A large amount of brown malt brings a nice roast flavor to the beer (without going into coffee), and yet a creaminess lingers on the back end. Even at over 7%, you’ll want more than one of these pints!

Double stouts are exactly what they sound like, two stout recipes in one. In the modern parlance you might consider these a form of “Imperial Stout” though those were a bit different and really made for the European market (especially the Baltic area).

This particular recipe (from a long-gone London brewery that used to located on Liquorpond Street!) was of supreme popularity in it time! The hop level on this seems to be (to the eye) a lot on the IBU scale, but in reality it is really smooth. The hops (Goldings & Fuggles) are needed to balance the remaining sweetness in the beer, and they really help to round out the earthiness of this brew. We think you’ll really enjoy this one!