Govannon’s Reserve Olde Ale

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Govannon’s Reserve Olde Ale

Welsh/Celtic God of Smithing & Brewing

The tales of Govannon (Gofannon; Goibniu) are part of the old mythology of the Celtic legends. A smith of such skill that all weapons he forged always hit their mark and every wound inflicted was fatal. But he was also known for brewing some amazing ales – such that bestowed both immortality in battle, and release from illness and death for anyone who drank it! Sounds like quite the drink!!

Govannon’s Reserve – Olde Ale; 8.0%ABV, 59 IBUs
In honor of the Celtic God of Smithing & Brewing – this brew brings flavors of plums, raisins, toffee & molasses to the forefront. This is one complex ale designed for sipping on!

For this beer we’ve got it in 2 versions: Cask & Keg! We’ll be tapping the Cask version on Friday the 17th as a pre-party to the Keg release on the 18th for Castle Rock’s Starlighting festivities. So if you want to try an Olde Ale at its most sublime – you better be at the Taproom on Friday night for the Cask tapping!

Olde Ales have a long and storied history in Britain. Sometimes known as “Stock Ale”, “Keeping Ale” and even “Winter Warmer” – these styles all have one thing in common: a SOLID Malt Backbone! Most Olde ales would have been kept/aged for months – if not years – before serving.

Beyond the malty backbone and higher ABV%, Olde Ales would differ as much as the brewers who made them. Some would be soured, some brewed with spices, others brewed and set aside for VIPs or other important dates. There is even an old version known as a “Majority Ale” in which a strong ‘olde’ ale was brewed on the birth of a child and held/aged until their 21st birthday! That would be one hell of a beer!

For the most part, Olde Ales of any substantive strength have all but disappeared in the British Isles, but the history is there – and with craft brewing making a comeback in the UK, I’m sure this style will make a return!