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Long Journey ‘Round Porter

The Return Journey

Back in April we introduced everyone to the hardships of the 1800’s journey from Olde England to the continent of India – especially for beer.

Just because the journey to India was a success on the outbound trip, doesn’t mean the return to England was any safer. And the sailors still needed something to drink on the return trip, so why not hold on to a few hogsheads of porter?!?

Long Journey ‘Round – 1805 India Export Porter, 4.3% ABV, 55 IBUs

Though this porter’s Pale Ale cousin gets all the glory, in the 1800’s porters such as this were shipped to India in MUCH greater quantity than the pale ales! Floral, fruity, and with a great hop bitterness – you’ve never had a porter like this!

This delicious beer is back on tap for Mug Club Members ONLY at the Taproom. So if you enjoyed it the first time ’round, or want to taste something a bit different come grab a pint and enjoy the start of the weekend!


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