The Return of Britoberfest

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The Return of Britoberfest

  • By: M Q
  • Date: Sep 19, 2017
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It’s that time of year again when Fall temperatures wander back into Colorado, the leaves start to change on the trees, and Oktoberfest Beers reign supreme!

Return of Britoberfest

Last year we played around a bit to come up with our own version of an Oktoberfest beer – and WOW was it a hit. You guys emptied us of the whole batch in 10 days!
Well, this year we’ve made even MORE and we’re releasing it on Friday the 29th! Malty, smooth, and oh so flavorful… So, mark your calendars, add an alert to your phone, and get the growlers ready, but don’t miss out on this beer this year! It won’t be back until next year once it’s gone!

The Crowlers are Coming..

We’re super excited to have a new Crowler machine showing up at the end of the month! Now we’ll be able to can your favorite beers for you to take almost anywhere you want to go with them! You could be enjoying a can of CRBC beer while hiking in the Colorado mountains, or even lounging in your backyard. Stay Tuned…we’ll let you know once we get all setup!