Heritage Series: 1870’s Edinburgh Ale

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Heritage Series: 1870’s Edinburgh Ale

  • By: M Q
  • Date: Jul 18, 2017
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The Ghost of Edinburgh

Lost to history is the knowledge that before the wars, the Scottish were making some incredible pale, hoppy beers! While most of London was brewing and drinking the famous porter, Edinburgh was enjoying some seriously strong ales, only exporting a little bit of it.

Ghost of Edinburgh – 1870’s Edinburgh Ale – 8.7% ABV, 130+ IBUs

A style of Scottish beer long-dead, this one has some hop bite to it! Still a bit of fruit-like sweetness on the palate, but with a lingering hop bitterness – oh, and it’s about as pale as you can get!

We’re really excited about this 3rd release in the Heritage series! The Wee Heavies of today owe their existence to beer such as this one, and before the rationing of 2 world wars slowly pushed the beers towards the darker colors. For those history buffs and hop-heads alike, this is one you’re gonna want to check out!

Tapping Friday the 21st at the CRBC Taproom.


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