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Beer Fest Tix & Stout on the Mug Tap

Sea Queen Stout on the Mug Tap

Hey Muggers,
You should have seen the post this morning about the Beer Fest Tix now being on sale. We have 40 paper tickets reserved for Mug Club Members available at the taproom. This will save you the ‘service’ fees on the online site, so be sure to pop by and grab them before someone else does! We’d love to have a ton of Mug Members at the festival.

Sea Queen Irish Stout

Also, we’ve just put the Sea Queen Irish Stout back on tap on the Mug Tap! If you didn’t get enough of it after St. Patricks (or you’re just looking for something dark), come grab a Mug full!

Sea Queen Stout – Irish Stout, 5.3% ABV, 49 IBUs
A classic black beer from the shores of Ireland. This one is a great example of a smooth, malty/complex stout with roasted & coffee notes.

Remember the Mug Tap is available to Mug Members ONLY, and no growler fills!

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