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CRBC Mug Club Update

A New Perk for Mug Club Members!

Hey Muggers!
Over the past year we’ve had a blast getting to know all of you as we enjoy beers here at the taproom. Now we’ve excited to announce a bit of an update to CRBC Mug Club benefits and introduce a new perk!

Over the past few months as we’ve released new beers on Thursday nights, in chatting with some of you, the 24 hours pre-release access to the new beers isn’t as much of a priority to you Guys & Ladies! We totally get it, and we know how busy everyone can get sometimes! That said, we do usually see many of you that weekend and you’re always excited to try the new beers.

What we do hear from you is requests to bring back certain favorites during the year! This we can do! Starting today we have new Mug Only Taps that we can utilize to bring back certain off-menu favorites during the year. The selections will rotate all year (and sometimes we may not have something on these taps), but this is for Mug Members ONLY – and no growlers allowed on these. These are smaller keg amounts of seasonal beers and possibly a few Mug Only releases as we get into summer! I know, I’m such a tease!

Going forward, we’ll still send out emails about new beer releases for the main menu – but these emails will go to everyone. And as we have special releases for the Mug Only Taps, we’ll be sure to send a message your way for these!

Brice’s Stamford Bull

Hopefully you’ll be as excited about this new Mug Tap as we are, and please keep the requests coming for what beers you’d like to see again!

So, without further ado….the first Mug Club ONLY tapping is…:

Brice’s Stamford Bull – Barrel-Aged Pale Ale – 5.8% ABV, 45 IBUs
A creamy English Pale ale aged for 2-months in a Bull Run Rye Bourbon barrel (from Portland, OR). This beer finishes with a wonderful combination of creamy, spicy, & dry!

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