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CRBC Mug Club Release – Pale Ale

Summer is on its way, and we’ve got a bunch of delicious Pales & Patio beers around the corner.

This past winter (if you can call it that) seems to have come and gone, and the warmer sunny days that Colorado is famous for are rolling in! This calls for a bit of a menu change-over into patio beers!

What better way to enjoy the Colorado spring then to have a nice pale ale in your hand, your sunglasses on, and relaxing on a patio somewhere (also, we’re now getting bids for starting construction on ours!)!

First Gold Pale – English Pale Ale, 4.3% ABV, 43 IBUs
The Pale Ale Summer begins at CRBC with this first release. This is a sunshine drinking beer! An easy drinking blend of English malts, and English hops – in this case entirely hopped with First Gold hops that bring a hint of citrusy/orange marmalade (also known as jam or fruit preserves in the USA) to the party.

This delicious release is coming on Thursday to Mug Club members ONLY – as usual! We’ve also got a few returning favorites coming soon as well like the Dry English Wit, the Milk Stout, and the Highland Dawn – so keep an eye out for those in the coming days!

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