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Mug Club Thursday – India Export Porter

Table Mountain & Cape Town – A Welcome Sight on the Journey to India.

In the 1800’s the journey from Olde England to the continent of India was a perilous journey down around the Southern tip of Africa (also know as the Cape of Good Hope, or the Cape of Storms) for many a ship, but also a very tough journey for beer!

The number of British Army soldiers stationed in India was numerous in size, and a part of their daily ration was beer – specifically Porter Beer! The forgotten cousin of the more sexy Pale Ale (which the Officers and Upper-Class drank), India Porter was shipped in mass quanities, but has since been forgotten to history. This is why we choose to focus on this beer for our Second release in our Heritage Series of beers:

Long Journey ‘Round – 1805 India Export Porter, 4.3% ABV, 55 IBUs
Though this porter’s Pale Ale cousin gets all the glory, in the 1800’s porters such as this were shipped to India in MUCH greater quantity than the pale ales! Floral, fruity, and with a great hop bitterness – you’ve never had a porter like this!

We’ll be setting sail with this release this coming Thursday to Mug Club members ONLY – as usual! Grab your mug, put the phone on silent, and we’ll see you at the taproom this Thursday for another journey into beer history.

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