CRBC’s 1st Anniversary Weekend! 🍻

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CRBC’s 1st Anniversary Weekend! 🍻

Can you believe that a full year has already come around? It seems such a short time ago that we were preparing for the Grand Opening of the Castle Rock Beer Co. taproom.
In our first year all of you helped us to drink over 4600 Gallons of Beer! That’s almost 37,000 Pints!! I guess we were all pretty thirsty. Cheers to You Castle Rock!
We’ve got some fun stuff planned for 2017!

Anniversary Weekend
Starting today (Friday the 13th…bad luck? We don’t think so!) we’ll be celebrating our 1st year in business by discounting any beers drank here in the Taproom by 10%!! Yep! 10%-off your Pints, Half-pints, & Sample Flights all weekend! Is our way of saying Thank You for supporting us this past year!

New Beer Release
**Release is on Monday**
For our Anniversary we decided to reach back into history to bring you something fun from a long time ago. Buckman’s Brown (4.1% ABV, 68 IBUs) is a historical “Small Brown” from the 1770’s with a clean roast and a lot of hop character. This beer would have been very at home in a mug at Buckman Tavern as the American militiamen waited out the night for word of British troop movements towards the Concord & Lexington area. We’re serving up this beauty on one of our Nitro taps starting on Monday, and you’re gonna find this one very interesting!

Spring/Summer Patio
As many of you know, we’ve been working with the Town of Castle Rock since last Spring to get permission to build a patio on the North side of the building facing the Rock. Earlier this winter we finally got permission to build it! HOORAY! Since we’re now in the middle of winter, the plan is to break ground on it starting in March so we can have it ready for the Spring! We’re super excited, and we think you’re gonna love it.

Heritage Beer Series
The new Buckman’s Brown beer release we mentioned above is the first in our ‘Heritage Series’ of beers we plan on releasing this year. This series will focus on the brewing traditions of the British Empire (shocking, right?!?) from the late 1700’s and forward, right up through WWII. Many things have changed over the years, and we want to show you some of what you could have found back then! As we release more of this new series we’ll be sure to keep you updated.