Turkeys, Starlightings & New Beers

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Turkeys, Starlightings & New Beers

Where did summer go? Now we’re full into Fall (although it still feels a bit like summer with the warm temps), and that means all kinds of family gatherings involving good food & drink. Remember to stop by to fill up a Growler before your next event!

Castle Rock Starlighting
The 80th Castle Rock Starlighting event is coming up on November 19th this year! To celebrate we’ve got some special items planned for this including the return of an old favorite food truck – Sokare! We’ve got the best seat in town for the fireworks, so you’re gonna want to be here early to grab a seat!
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New Brewery Addition
As many of you who have frequented the Taproom have know, we were expecting a new baby addition to the brewery staff this Fall. As of October 19th she (Taryn Q) finally decided to begin her first shift at CRBC. As you’re in visiting us at the brewery you might catch a peek of her here as she visits Daddy.

Upcoming Beers
We’ve got some fun new beers up our sleeves for the Month of November. First up we’ve got a historic London-style Brown ale – Draymen’s Brown – coming in at a very drinkable 3.8% that is being released to everyone on Saturday the 5th! We also have something really special brewing up for the Starlighting event – so you’ll have to stay tuned!

Turkeys & Such From Willow Creek
For the past few months all of our spent grain from our brews have been going to the animals at Willow Creek Pastures, right here in Castle Rock. The grains have been used to supplement the normal daily meals of hogs, cattle, sheep, chickens, and even turkeys! You might want to look at them for your Holiday bird needs!
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