CRBC Mug Club Friday Release – Drayman’s Brown!

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CRBC Mug Club Friday Release – Drayman’s Brown!

A Historic London Brown

Well, we blew right through October, didn’t we!?! Our apologies for not having a new beer release last month (although we did have the Oktoberfest!), but as many of you know, life happens. Literally. Our baby girl Taryn was born on the 19th, and we’re so excited to have her here.

So, this month we’re starting off right with a beer release the first week! We’ve got a classic little London-style Brown ale for you to whet you palate with this week. Historically this beer was lower in alcohol & somewhat sweet on the tongue – and our version is no different.

Drayman’s Brown – 3.8% ABV, 20 IBUs
Our take on a historic London Brown – a lower alcohol beer that has a nice sweetness, without being too roasty.

Legendarily the drink of choice for many of the workers (including Draymen, of course) of Stuart-period London, long before the advent of Porter beer. Easily drank over a meal, or thrown back as a quick pint on the go – the English Brown Beer mystique begins with this little slice of history. As per usual, Mug Club Members get to have early access!