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CRBC Mug Club Oktoberfest Beer!

Oktoberfest Comes to CRBC!

September is coming to an end, and October is right on its heels! Though Oktoberfest is squarely a German/Bavarian Tradition, it’s still a great celebration of all things Beer!

Putting our own little twist on a classic Märzen recipe, we’re really excited to be releasing this batch of tasty Oktoberfest for you Mug Club Members on Thursday, right before Castle Rock’s own Oktoberfest Festival on Saturday the 1st!

CRBC Oktoberfest

CRBC Oktoberfest – 5.9% ABV, 20 IBUs
Our take on a classic Bavarian Märzen/Oktoberfest – but done with an Ale yeast! Beautifully copper-colored & malty, with just enough hops to balance it all out! This one is an easy drinker for sure!

This is a single small batch, so you’re gonna want to get some before its gone – and it won’t be back until next year! As per usual, Mug Club Members get to have early access! Also remember that we’ll also be open all day on Saturday serving at our Taproom during Oktoberfest in Castle Rock (we are NOT a part of the Town Festival), so come visit us!

Cheers!….or Prost!