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CRBC Mug Club *Friday* Release – Rock Park Bitter

Special FRIDAY Mug Club Release!

As we mentioned in the last Mug Club release email, we’re slowly transitioning over to a new Fall line-up of beers. Our newest beer for this week is one of these new items for the menu, but we decided to move from our normal Thursday release schedule to this coming Friday instead!

Rock Park Bitter

Why you ask?!? Three words: Broncos Season Opener! We figured everyone would enjoy the new beer more on an evening where we aren’t all yelling and screaming at the TV together.

Rock Park Bitter – 4.1% ABV, 18 IBUs
Biscuity with a hint of roast, but clean on the palate and just a touch of hop bitterness. This classic English “Ordinary Bitter” is anything but!

As we mentioned above, this Mug Club Release will be on Friday (the 9th), so mark your calendar for an end-of-week pint to kick the weekend off right!

Join us for the Broncos Game As Well!