Broncos Football Happy Hour

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Broncos Football Happy Hour

Broncos Season is Coming!

Summer is waining, and the cooler Fall temps are starting to creep in as the sun goes down each night! That can only mean one thing….well….two things: Dark beers are coming, and Broncos Football is here!

Broncos Happy Hour
The opening game of the NFL season is coming up on Sept 8th, and it’s a Super Bowl 50 re-match of the Broncos & the Panthers!
To celebrate our Broncos defending the title this season, we’re having a ‘Happy Hour’ during every Broncos game! Starting 30min before kickoff and running to the end of the game – Wear your NFL gear (any team gear is fine, but Broncos gear is best!!) and get $1.00 off pints and $0.50 off half-pints all game long! Hit the event on Facebook to let us know you’re coming!

Fall Menu – Darker Beers
As Fall comes into full season, we’ll be starting to adjust the menu towards some of our favorite styles of beer – Reds & Browns! Keep an eye out as we bring on new beers in the coming weeks – including one new one this coming weekend: our Rhyolite Rye IPA!