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Mug Club – New Beer Releases

Another Mug Club Benefit:
As we’ve been promising, Mug Club members get to be the first to have access to new beers as we release them. This new release is no different – and there’s a bonus in this release: We have 2 new beers for Mug Club Members!!

Wit Beer
Dry English Wit

These two releases are part of our Small Batch series that we’re bringing to fruition as we move closer to springtime.

#1 Dry English Wit: [5.2% ABV, 16 IBUs]
We’ve had many requests for a wheat beer, and we’re answering the call with our take on a classic Belgian Wit Beer. Light & refreshing with hints of orange and coriander, this ‘English Wit’ will get everyone in the mood for the warmth of Spring!

Black IPA
Legend of Albion Black IPA

#2 Black IPA: [5.0% ABV, 59 IBUs]
This is a different type of IPA that many of you may not have had before. Also known as an India Black Ale, this beer brings you a semi-dry finish with a bit of roast that will be familiar to stout lovers, and yet this IPA is not a heavy as it’s dark cousins and has more of a Hoppy punch to it! We think you’ll find this new beer quite a refreshing change from what you may have had before.

We’ll be tapping these two beers for Mug Club Members ONLY on Thursday, and then releasing them to the public on Friday.
Grab your Mug and we’ll see you at Taproom on Thursday!

The Taproom Opens at 3pm!