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Finished Bar Wall
  • By: M Q
  • Date: Nov 08, 2015
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I’d like to start this post off with my apologies! It’s been far too long in-between posts, and I really should have done one a while ago. We’ve had so much happen in the past month, and I can’t wait to share it all!

Walk-in Cooler
Our Walk-In Cooler, with some of the HVAC/Furnace above it.

If you’ve been following us via our Facebook page you’ve been seeing small update photos as things happen, but we haven’t had much detail behind those updates. Picking up where we left off last time, with the stud walls going up and some of the drywall being able to be hung we started putting the walk-in cooler up and into it’s place. Wow, what a big boy we have there. He measures out at 9’x12′ in width and length, but the real kicker is that the cooler is almost 10′ tall! With that kind of height we’ll be able to get some bigger items/Brite Tanks into it as time goes on, plus we have plenty of room for kegs!

One item you might have seen on our Facebook page was that over one weekend someone decided to snip the aluminum cooling fins and copper tubing out of our outdoor condensing unit for our walk-in. The unit hadn’t been fully installed yet, and I guess whoever took the items decided that they were more in need of scrap metal cash than we were in need of the unit to cool things! The vandalism was reported to the Castle Rock PD, who were somewhat puzzled at this one and was new to them. The unit was basically rendered to scrap status, as replacing what was taken would cost more than the unit itself was to get.

Vandalized Unit
Vandalized – No more cooling fins or copper tubing!

Luckily, with a few phone calls, a replacement unit was to be found in Denver with Brrr Refrigeration for a really good deal! Saved our butts when in a bind, and we’re very grateful to them for being able to find something on such short notice. The new unit was quickly installed by our HVAC guys, and we’ve had no further issues on that front.

The HVAC guys also were able to start getting the furnace and ductwork hung and extending it into the Taproom area. Having always been in house with the furnaces standing upright and on the floor, it’s a bit different to have one hanging above my head and in the horizontal position. But it’s the perfect place for it and it utilizes space above our heads that wasn’t going to be used very well in the first place. In addition to the new furnace our plumber was also able to start and finish getting our new tankless water heating and filtration system installed. These items go in somewhat simultaneously because they have similar venting and use the new Natural Gas line we’ve installed to provide heat for both.

Having passed our rough plumbing and rough mechanical inspections we were able to finish getting drywall up in the walls and start the fun process of mudding and taping all the seams and holes. It’s a long, laborious process but you just have to get after it because the prize at the end of that tunnel is that painting and finish work is close at hand. I think it took us about a week to finish all the drywall compounding: Doing a layer, letting it dry, sand…and repeat! And the dust from the sanding seems to never end. But once we got it (mostly) cleaned up we could start on the fun of painting! And for that we brought along some buddies!

The painting itself wasn’t too bad, but the ceiling took a bit of work on a Saturday. We had to use a sprayer to be able to get all the nooks and crannies up there, and after about 6 hours of moving ladders and trying to check that we got it all we wrapped it up for the day. Walls went much easier and faster, but in the end we really loved how the space was starting to take shape after all the time we’ve spent in it with raw walls and contractors running and installing various items the past weeks.

New doorway hole in the outer wall
A hole in the wall – for a new main entrance! Almost like it was designed that way!

In addition to paint going up on the walls, we started to have other deliveries and work done to the space. One of the biggest items we’d been waiting on was the installation of a new front door to the taproom. The Castle Rock FD had requested a number of weeks ago that we add another door for safety within the building, plus it made access easier from right off the street for you guys to be able to walk right into the taproom. The door and glass had finally come in and it was time to remove a window and make a cut in the wall to be able to slide the door right in! The process went smoothly and was completed in a day, right before it started raining and the sun was going down – but we love the new door and have signage for it already on order!

CRBC Glassware
Our two main glasses – a half-pint and a US pint.

Another fun delivery that week was that we got our first portion of our glassware delivered from eGrandstand! Since we’re focusing on British-style beers we figured the classic Nonic pub glass would be the way to go. The etching on them came out real well and we’re excited to be able to start pouring pints into them. We are starting with 2 sizes: the standard US pint and a half-pint for those who want to have more than a sample but not quite a full pint. We will also have sampler trays for those who’d like to taste a few at once. We are planning to have full UK pints in the future, but those will be coming later. We also have another special glass mug coming soon for our Fat Mug Beer Club (details are now here!).

With all of that going on I was also able to get the stonework up on the front of the bar! We decided early on to use as much local resources as possible, and one item we fell in love with was the faux-stonework from Sunset Stone right here in Castle Rock. The dry-stacked ledge stone we thought would really standout for our space and we hope you’ll love it as well. It went up easy and really adds some texture to the room.

CRBC Fermenters
Tanks from Stout. So pretty!

Finally, at the end of last week we took delivery of the majority of our new brewing stainless steel equipment from Stout Tanks! We uncrated and moved our 3 Fermenters, our Boil Kettle, Mash Tun, and Brite tank into the building. The only item we’re still waiting on is our Hot Liquor Tank, but it is showing up this week! As we finish cleaning up the brewery space we’ll start moving items into place and hooking items up for water tests and peeping for our first real brews. We also have most of the supplies we need to trim out the cooler with CO2 lines, beer lines, faucets, keg couplers and such – and one of the projects this week is to get that all installed and ready for beer.

This coming week we have quite a bit to do and order still. We have furniture for the taproom showing up and I need to get our first ingredients order in and starting to be delivered. We’re getting close, but we are still waiting on both the Feds and the State to issue our licenses. Once those come in we’ll really be starting the countdown. Let’s hope these arrive sooner rather than later.