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Walls and Subs

  • By: M Q
  • Date: Oct 04, 2015
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It’s been a busy time at the building since our last update. Walls have started going up, and we’ve brought in some of the other sub-contractors to start work on all the various facets that need to be done. It’s starting to really look and feel like the idea for the Brewery space we had in our heads. But let’s lay this out in a more linear fashion:
Once we finished up cutting out the floor the work started on getting the underground plumbing portion in and installed. It took some digging to get down to the main line (since it was about 30″ below the concrete floor), but once it was found work could move pretty quickly. By Thursday the 17th of September we had finished all the underground plumbing and had it inspected and passed on that Friday (if you were following our progress on Facebook you will have seen a few of the pictures at the time). Having passed the inspection myself and some of the brewery team moved quickly on Saturday to get everything buried and pouring concrete to fill it all back in. During this time I also stopped by Moore Lumber right here in Castle Rock to have them deliver a bit of lumber for us so we could start building walls the following Monday. We were ready to really get this project moving!

After giving the new concrete some time over the weekend to firm up a bit, on Monday morning I started laying out chalk lines and locations for the walls that we needed to get put up. Before I could call in the HVAC and Electrical subs we would need most of the dividing walls and the bar area stick built and ready for them to start drilling and working around the areas they would need. Behind the bar we went for a wall at least 10 feet tall (our cooler is just under 10 feet high, and we wanted to fully cover it) and once that main wall went up the rest of them moved pretty quickly – after all, stick building moves fast when you only need a stud every 16″. The bar wall itself was a little more work to make sure it came off the central column wall at the proper angle and that it also ran parallel to the main wall. Nothing too complicated, but you want to take you time on this one just to get it right. But with the stick walls all up within a few days we were able to start bringing in the Electrical sub and get them started on running all the wire for the circuits we’d need.

The electrical guys from Pine Valley have been great, and the taproom circuits took only a handful of days before we were able to call for an inspection to get a partial pass for the walls so we could get start getting some drywall up on portions of the rooms. During this time we also took delivery on our walk-in cooler (it’s a used one, about 9′ by 12′), which shipped from Barr Inc. in Wisconsin.

Pretty tall cooler panels, huh?
Pretty tall cooler panels, huh?

The panels weren’t too bad to offload from the delivery truck, but the real hard part was getting the compressor off and into the general area it would be installed (it was a real heavy beast topping out at about 350lbs) and we were able to man-handle it without the help of a forklift! Would it have made it easier? Sure, but we aren’t going to have one normally – only a pallet jack – so we made due. In any case, we now have a cooler ready to go in once we have some other items finished up!

Our HVAC guys from Dizmang Mechanical have also been hard at work cutting holes in the exterior walls for the various vents, fresh air intakes, and even our exhaust vent we have for over the boil kettle & mash tun. It’s definitely a well built building with the main walls made of 8″ solid block with rebar inset in it – and of course we’re hitting rebar in most of our holes! A quick grinding or torch and they come right out, but they sure do slow things down a bit! But we do have a new furnace and A/C unit ready to go in and this coming week the actual ductwork will start going in.

In addition to these items we’ve also been working at getting our copper water lines installed, and also tapping into the main line on the other side of the building. It’s great seeing the copper go in as it’s starting to feel like a true bar and brewery area, and Wes with Pro Plumbing has been great to work with! But like with all copper plumbing, the soldering portion makes you hold your breath a bit when you have to use an open flame torch to heat the pipes. But all is well and we’ve got water pressure!

Everyday we’re getting closer to a final product. As we pass more inspections and such we’ll be able to get more drywall up, paint on the walls (and ceiling), and start adding those finishing touches to our space. Stay tuned as we chronicle it here!