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A Cut Below

  • By: M Q
  • Date: Sep 14, 2015
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We have officially broken ground!

After a long process towards this run-up to getting construction started, we have finally started finishing out the space to be what we want it to be! As I sit here watching the double-header of football on a Monday night I’m reviewing all that has happened in the past few days.

Building Permits
Building Permits on the Door!

On Wednesday last week I was able to stop by Castle Rock Town Hall and pick up our permit! Of course I went over to the building and immediately posted it (and threw a photo announcement up on our Facebook page, head over there if you haven’t seen it!) right next to the front door. What a ton of work it took from many different people to be able to get those pics of paper up on the wall and officially be able to start construction!

Early morning last Friday I got started with our Plumbing sub-contractor on laying out the engineered waste plan on the floor, making some minor adjustments as we needed, and then attempting to start breaking through the concrete. Early that morning I had noted (from looking at the original plans for the building) that I expected the concrete floor to be about 5-inches thick with a metal wire mesh reinforcement running through it. With that in mind, we were gonna need a wet concrete saw to be able to cut far enough through the concrete layer while also cutting through the metal mesh. Our first attempt wasn’t quite deep enough to get the mesh, and even though we had a jack-hammer as well – it still was a lot of effort to get that first exploratory cut up and out. But, once we had actual visual confirmation of the metal mesh and the thickness, the rest of the cutting went pretty smoothly! And so for the rest of the day on Friday there was concrete cutting, and more concrete cutting (the machine does a great job, but only moves about 2-3 inches per minute!). We called it a day and said we’d regroup on Monday morning to begin removing the now cut concrete portions.

Trench Cuts in the brewery area!

Monday morning arrived and the busting of the large cut slabs began. We had figured that it would take a bit of doing to get the pieces down to a manageable size, but to our great amazement the jackhammer cracked everything down to size quite quickly! By Lunch time we had busted and removed every piece of the floor that we needed to get out! Sounds easy, right? Yeah, except it was also all pretty heavy. In total I think we removed about 2000 lbs of concrete! But now that we had the heavy part done and out of the way the actual plumbing could begin. By the end of the day today we got a main portion of the brewery waste-water plan into place, and we’ll be able to get most of the rest of it done tomorrow.

Concrete Floor Cuts
Bar Area flooring area

I’m tired this evening, but excited as we can now physically see things being done and construction actually happening in front of our eyes. Now things will start psychically changing quickly and we whip the space into shape and I’ll have tons of photos to share with everyone. Now is the time I get to also coordinate equipment suppliers delivery schedules as well as wrangling the sub-contractors to get work done when needed and having inspections being completed by the town. It’s gonna be a busy next couple of weeks, but everyday we’re getting a little closer!