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A Banner Day

  • By: M Q
  • Date: Aug 28, 2015
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Well, as some of you might have seen – We have a new Banner up on the location! Hooray!

This morning I got to the building to meet up with Joel and company from Image 360 in Littleton to get our banner up on the building. In the grand scheme of items, this one is fairly minor, but a fun detail that get’s the word out a bit more! Joel and his guys are also working on some ideas and designs for what will end up being the main signage outside, and a few other details for inside the taproom space. But, you’ll have to wait a bit on seeing those items.

Banner Installation
Joel from Image360 and one of his guys getting the banner installed!

Today was also the day we got a revised set of plans back to the city handling all of the notes and comments form the initial review. The Town of Castle Rock and the Fire Department have been great in helping us to come up with solutions and ideas for all of the minor, but important, details to get all our ducks lined up for our permits. It’s looking like we’ll be able to get our permit next week and then we can really start busting up concrete and putting up walls and such!

We’re getting close, and this coming month we’ll be having a ton of items starting to arrive like our brewing tanks, the walk-in cooler, and all the amenities that will make up the brewery and taproom! It’s getting exciting…and a little stressful as I try to juggle tons of things all at once! Don’t drop anything!