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Paper Pushing and Designs

  • By: M Q
  • Date: Jul 08, 2015
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Well, first off – I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July weekend! We had a great time seeing friends from out of town, have great beers, eating way too much BBQ, and topping it all of with some great fireworks. All in all, a successful holiday weekend. But besides all the fun, we’ve been hard at work too moving ever closer to opening day.

One of the items we got done last week, and if you are fans of our on Facebook page then you got to see this already – we picked out the wood we’ll be using for the Bartop, as you can see above! Ain’t it pretty?! For those of you interested in this sort of thing we picked it up from a local wood sloppy shop in the Denver area called Collector’s Specialty Woods, or CS Woods for short. They have some AMAZING wood there in everything from planks to full live-edge table tops. Super cool to just wander around and see what all is there. We stumbled across these Beetle-kill pine boards that all came from one tree and had the most unique coloring to them. We just had to have them – like now! How quick can I hand the credit card to someone? These boards paired with what we plan to do with the rest of the bar should look awesome and we can’t wait to build it out and show you all.

Cloth Patch
A New Patch for CRBC!

Another fun item we got in the works last week was a merchandise piece that we’ll use for some gear and other items at the brewery. By now I’m sure you’ve read our last post (sorry it was a bit long between posts here) about the new logo and how that process went. Using this new logo we have now ordered some patches from Brewery Branding who are out in Portland, OR – and don’t they look sweet (Thank you Jason there at Brewery Branding for you’re work on getting this done)! Putting this together was really cool, and we decided to use their domestic production option instead of sending it overseas. Domestic may cost a bit more than the overseas option, but much like what we will be, we want to support local (or at least USA made) when we can – plus the turnaround is a bit quicker on the domestic side anyways, which is a nice bonus! They should be arriving in the next week or so, and we’ll be using these on hats, some of our own shirts for the staff, and if you’re nice we’ll make some available to y’all for those that want one.

Alright, now to the big items: Overall design was completed with the architects and with those drawings approved by us they have moved into the (hopefully short) engineering phase to get all the various drawings we need for buildout permitting with the city. Once we have all that in hand we’ll get the permit to start building out the space, and then we’ll really be cooking along towards our grand opening. As you can see in the image we’re doing about a 50/50 split on brewery space vs. taproom space. The tables in there are just placeholders and we’ll have some other seating options as well, but it gives you the general feel of what we’re up too. And when we are able to add on a patio (in the spring, if all goes well) we’ll have an awesome area for relaxing and having a pint right at the base of Castle Rock!

The last update for this post is that as of yesterday we also submitted all of the paperwork for the Federal License through the TTB! Hooray! We had to wait on getting the basic schematic that you see above as a part of the paperwork before fully submitting everything. The Feds want to see what the layout will be like and to know who the brewery area is separated from the taproom and such. This along with a ton of other items like overall building plat, the section map of the town, environmental info, funding documentation, organizational documentation, and a whole host of other paperwork is only the beginning of what they require. I’m glad it’s all in, and I’m hoping that we got all of it in one try – but we’ll see. If they need something else we’ll get it to them. But with the Federal paperwork in we are now able to move onto the State paperwork and getting that going as well. Even so, we are well and truly on our way towards an opening day – of which we’ll happily share the journey with more photos and updates as we get more steps done.