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Of Logos and Emails

  • By: M Q
  • Date: Jun 20, 2015
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If you’ve been following the blog since we first got going, you’ll have noticed a bit of a change to the colors and such. That’s because we finalized our logo (ain’t it pretty?) and that helped to drive the overall color scheme for the rest of the site.

The logo design process was great. Having never been part of a design process form scratch, I’m not sure I was prepared for how many choices, critiques, variations, and styles we’d see. Okay, lets start from the beginning (because that seems like a good spot): Our process started with the site Logo Design Guru, which is a competition/contest style location where clients like us can put up a briefing of what we’re looking for. Items like stationary, website design, business cards, monograms, and logos can all be requested and the designers who are a part of that network can choose to compete on your request or not. A final ‘prize money’ amount is set and then you say when you want the competition to end – and away you go. Really, its a great way for new businesses like ours to be introduced to designers who we can start relationships with going into the future.

Castle Rock Banners
The beautiful streets of Castle Rock!

The response we got on our competition was great, and more than I expected. As a part of the design competition we as the client are expected to rate, critique, and give feedback on the drafts that are submitted from designers. This helps them to see if the direction they’re going with a design is where we want/think it should go. Everything from fonts, shapes, colors, individual elements, arrangement of the words and images – all of it is critique-able, and the more feedback you give the better the designers can give you what you want. Our project had a TON of different designs, and we gladly gave feedback on everything we could (sometimes late into the evening. How late are these people up?). We came into the process with some very general ideas of what kind of logo we wanted to create or have it feel like, but since none of us are professional designers – how we wanted the end result to finally be was well out of our reach. As some of the designs started to come in on our contest, through that process alone we were able to start looking at items and be able to say “Yes, we want more of that” or with some “No, not the direction we want”. The negative critiques may seem a bit harsh, but we are paying for a service and what we want is the overarching rule – but to be fair, before seeing some of these items we didn’t really know that wasn’t what we wanted either.

All in all, we ended up with a great design with some real Castle Rock flair to it (at least we think so! Love the flag on top!). Our winning designer, Mary North, could not have been more helpful and responsive to the feedback we were giving her. I had stumbled across some of her earlier work before we started our project, and had loved the style she worked with. Having not really been part of a design process like this before, we weren’t sure what we’d learn and how things would go. In the end we found a design we loved, a designer we were happy to work with, and someone we can bring other projects to as they come up in the future.

In other news, you may have seen our Facebook post on this past Wednesday that we ordered our brewing equipment! I’d been conversing with Stout Tanks out of Portland, Oregon for a few weeks leading up to our order. Getting quotes, seeing what items would be in stock when, and such. Once we had the building lease, we were now prepared to actually get the HUGE ball rolling of getting all the stainless-steel-beautifulness (nice word mash-up huh?) on it’s way to us! Now, it will take a few months since some of what we ordered has to be built, but exciting nonetheless (can’t wait for pictures!).

DDA/EDC Building
Castle Rock DDA/EDC Building.

On Thursday I also had a meeting with Kevin over at the Castle Rock Downtown Alliance to give their office the good news about CRBC becoming official! I had been in before and chatted with them about what we were planning – and we figured it was time to update them on how things were going. To say that office was stoked would be an understatement! Kevin helped show us what the town was planning the next few months on events and festivals, brainstorming ideas on what we could do in the future, and really just welcoming us with open arms into the town. Hopefully by the end of summer we might be able to participate in a few events just so you guys can come out and meet us and see our smiling faces!

A busy week, but lots of items now in motion. Hopefully next week we’ll have more of a handle on the Architectural side of things and we can start the city permitting process and getting some items built-out in the space.