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Three Cheers and A Space!

  • By: M Q
  • Date: Jun 12, 2015
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A long road, but it’s now official! Castle Rock Beer Company now has an official lease on a space and we get to share it with you! Coming this Fall we will be pouring our first pints (and drink them as well) in the ‘Rotunda’ building in the ACME Water Tower Center on Perry Street and 6th in downtown Castle Rock! It took time to get the space and the details all worked out, but we’re excited about what will be our new home for the foreseeable next few years!

Water Tower Building
The north side of the building. We’ll be on the ground floor here!

A little detail about what we will have there: This location has three buildings as a part of the project (all designed to look like an old-style train depot and accessories): the Rotunda building where we’ll be one of the first tenants; the ‘Depot’ building has office spaces up top and below it is a restaurant space, and the third building is referred to as the ‘Conductor’ building which houses a small retail clothing design shop. We are going to be occupying about half of the bottom floor of the Rotunda with a little over 1600 sqft of space on the north side of the building. This is where we will have the tap room and our nano-brewery. I’ve been meeting with some architects on getting the final layout all spec’d out so we can submit the plans to the city and also utilize them for the layout profile we submit for the TTB. In general we’re hoping to have space for about 40 seats, but that number may change.

Looking Toward Brewery Area
View from the far western corner of the space.

The space itself has some great ceiling heights (about 12 feet or so) and tons of windows! We plan to utilize all the natural daylight that filters into the space that we can, because why not? Sitting at one of the many windows you’re able to look up and see Castle Rock itself since this location is situated right at the base of the hill.

Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, as a brewery, we’ll be focusing on British-Empire style beers, and we’ll try to bring a taste of that atmosphere into the space as well. Wood, stone, earth-tone colors and a friendly atmosphere are all things that come to mind when thinking about English/Irish/Early American pubs. At the same time we live and work here in Colorado, and we are going to want to utilize items that speak to that too! I’ve been out looking at some stone selections from right here in Castle Rock, and also some wood elements sourced locally here in our beautiful state! As decisions are made on these elements we’ll give you a taste of what we’re planning!

One of the many benefits of this location is that parking is readily available. We have a small parking lot (about 20 spaces or so) directly north of our space, and plenty of other street spots within 1 block of an easy stroll to us. Plus, like everywhere else in Castle Rock, it’s all free parking – which is an underrated item that most other cities don’t have.

One last item that we are excited about with the space is that in the future we’ll be able to have a patio space! We won’t be building out this area to start, but possibly in the spring next year we’ll look at getting something together so we can enjoy the Colorado sunshine while also sipping a pint at the base of the Rock. It’s a nice future feature that a lot of spaces in Castle Rock don’t have the space for, and we’ll want to utilize it!

Possible Future Patio Space

Well, the clock is ticking on us to start customizing this space to what we want it to be. In the near future the kettle will be boiling, the yeast doing their thing, and cool pints being enjoyed right here in Castle Rock’s very own downtown brewery! Can’t wait to see you all here!

Next up: Architectural plans, ordering equipment and Logos!