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A Deal in Place

  • By: M Q
  • Date: May 31, 2015
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Well, it’s been a longer process than I had thought it would be, but it looks like we’ll soon have the actual lease deal in place! Exciting! Now, until the day we actually sign the lease I have to start getting some other items in place. This coming week I’ll be reaching out to an architect to begin preliminary design discussions for the final layout and such that we’ll have to submit to the city as well as the basis for what I’ll be giving to the TTB for their records. Once we have a better idea on the actual dimensions and such then I’ll be able to start getting bids on the work we’ll need done (Plumbing for floor drains and sinks; Electrical for lighting, refrigeration, brewing equipment and other amenities; Water supply locations for our sinks, brewing areas and such; HVAC for general heating and then some minor venting over the brewing equipment; and then Natural Gas for our tankless water heater). All in all quite a bit to get done, yet nothing overly massive in individual scope.

As this process has moved onwards I’ve also gotten a few other items done. As you can see in our footer here on the site, we now have a PO Box in Castle Rock. Mostly for mail and other items until it makes sense to have it come to the finished building space. A Brewers Association membership is now in the works (signed up online this weekend, and I’m sure the BA will reach out to me this week to get some more details that aren’t fillable on their online form). We’ve also setup a bank account so that we can now have a place to pay bills out of and whatnot without it coming out of a personal account, which is not what I want to do. I’d like to keep things as separate as possible.

One other item I did was reach out to and speak with Castle Rock’s waste-water treatment facility. I wanted to say ‘HI!’, introduce the company to give them a heads up, and also see what they might have to say in regards to what we’re planning. I felt it was more prudent to be engaging with them from the start so we could work together smoothly and not be a sudden roadblock that some other breweries I’ve read up on have had. Thus far the only item they really noted for us was a PH testing meter so we could test our wastewater daily. They wanted to keep it within a PH range of 5 to 9. The other item I wanted to check with them on was yeast, and what their thoughts were on this. A number of municipalities don’t like yeast load in their wastewater because of the active organic nature of what yeast does. Other cities like yeast and what they bring to the table, so to speak. I think it all comes down to what type of treatment process each city utilizes and where yeast fall into that mix. Offhand, here in Castle Rock, they seemed fine with the yeast in the system, but a more thorough conversation will be in order.

And so with all of that I will also begin to reach out to various equipment manufacturers and suppliers to we can start figuring out what delivery timings we may have. Some suppliers will be local and probably not too much of an issue where it comes to long lead times on certain items (like taps, keg couplers, beer lines, CO2 supply, etc.) and others will be longer lead times like the actual brewhouse, fermenters and bites. As I’ve mentioned before, CRBC will be a 2-BBL brewhouse, and we’re looking at being fully electric. For that we’ll need to also have some controllers and such and we’ve been looking at two different companies as a starting point for what we’d like to do. The first and more well-known one is Brewmation (based out of NY) and their electric brewery hardware setups. They’ve been around for a number of years and come highly recommended from a number of breweries around the country. The other option is a newer company called Colorado Brewing Systems (based here in CO in Ft. Collins), and since they’re local we’ll be giving them a good look too.

So, lots still to put together. Once I actually ink the lease paperwork then we’ll let you know where exactly we will be! Don’t want to jinx it just in case!