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And Thus Our Tale Begins…

  • By: M Q
  • Date: Apr 21, 2015
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Welcome Beer Lovers and Brewery Geeks!

This is the opening salvo in what we plan to be a long and fairly detailed experience on the opening of one of Colorado’s newest craft breweries. As we go about through all the stages of opening a brewery (location, licensing, construction, finishing touches, first brews, opening, etc..) we hope to give you an inside look at how the process is coming along, all the good bumps and bad. We’ve been inspired by other small micro-breweries across this state and the country who have chronicled their own journey, and we’d like to add to the knowledge of what it takes to truly open a beer establishment.First, a little about ourselves and our dream:

The Brewer: The idea itself originated (like so many do) over a pint of home-brew between our Brewmaster/Manager Mark Quinnell (yes, that’s me writing all this) and some friends. I’ve been a home brewer (yes, I know we’ve changed the grammatical possession now – too bad! 😉 ) for almost 8 years now. I picked it up as a hobby after moving back to Colorado from Los Angeles, and fell in love with the nature of creating my own libations. As a Colorado native, I grew up with the first real examples of the craft beer movement in Odell’s, New Belgium, Boulder Beer, and others as the quality beer to go to. After college, my move to Los Angeles was punctuated by the fact that no good beer could be found in a town that was more of a liquor town than not, and beer was looked down upon with little distinction for anything with flavor. Alas, I sustained on BMC when needed, and occasionally found a New Belgium beer as they started to expand nationally. Upon my return to CO, the beer scene here had exploded and I began to create some of my own recipes with my newfound hobby. Many of the beers we plan to open with are the descendants (much improved upon over the years) of these first attempts! We’ll get into what we plan to have at a later date.

The Brewery: What we plan to be opening will be a brewery focused on what we call British-Empire styles of flavor and techniques, based on a love of this style as well as family heritage harkening all the way back to Ireland. Much like our German brethren, the British-Empire styles of beer covers a vast history and physical locations which created different beers. Many of what we will create will be Ales (as opposed to Lagers) ranging from the Stouts of Ireland to the Wee Heavies of Scotland, the bitter IPAs of the sub-continent to the robust Porters of London, and all of these eventually coalescing and evolving upon arrival in the Colonies in what would become the great USA. All in all, we’ve got quite a catalog to pull from and be inspired by! And even with all that great history, we may still encounter a wild hare and wander into other world styles on occasion. But at our core, we’re a British-Empire style brewery!
Also, as it pertains to the Brewery itself, we are going to be pretty small to start. At 2BBLs (or barrels, which is a technical term where 1 barrel = 31 gallons) we’ll be what many consider to be a nano-brewery. Hey, we all have to start somewhere! Our focus is to create a community-centric taproom from which we can participate in any number of local events and happenings, as well as be an asset for the city to help bring in beer lovers like yourselves who are reading this down the highway from Denver for a taste of what Castle Rock has to offer!

Location: Well, given our name has Castle Rock within it, it stands to reason that we’ll be locating within the city. We’re hoping to locate ourselves somewhere near the downtown area of the city. Like all things, final location will depend on what space is available and if it will work for what we have planned. I (Mark) have my first meeting with a commercial realtor this week to begin looking at locations (more than just doing online searches for what may be out there) and getting to see inside these places. Based on what I see and what kind of numbers we’re talking about, I hope to have a location setup in short order.

As we move forward there will be plenty of photos, videos, and other visual treats to keep everyone in the loop as to what is happening.

Thank You for embarking on this journey with us, and if you want to reach out and say hi please feel free to drop us a message. All the info is on our Contact Us page at the top.