Why we do it

There are 3 core values & ideas that we, as a business & brewery, hold dear to our hearts:


Community Center

We believe in bringing the “Community Center” out of Government offices and back into the daily lives of citizens. A venue to relax and discuss the topics of the day with our fellow citizens, friends, neighbors and families.


Family Friendly

We believe in creating an open and welcoming environment for the whole family to enjoy. You can’t create good conversation without having a great locale to do it in, no matter the age group. We’re a family business, and we are proud to bring our daughter here to participate in the chin-wagging!


Heritage Beers

Beer has always been a social lubricant, and we’re here to return it to that rightful position. The heritage styles of beer are more balanced in flavor, and reasonable in alcohol content so that we can all have some pints and good conversation without overdoing it!


How We Brew

To make a classic beer taste outstanding you need the right mix of ingredients and tradition.



Our malts are sourced from some of the oldest malthouses & maltsters in the UK, bringing that vintage flavor to our beers.



The right hop, at the right time, in the right amount can bring a listless, bland beer into the realm of the sublime. But you don’t want to over do it – It needs to be just right.



In our pursuits of good libations, we must always acknowledge & celebrate the work and brewing prowess of those who have come before us. It’s in their footprints that we walk with our mugs full.


Current Tap Lineup

We focus on Heritage-Style Ales from all over the world and through history. Our seasonal menu is known to
change up from time-to-time, but our Flagships are usually on most of the year.


Want to know what's coming next?

Join the family and be in the know about what beers are coming next, our various thoughts on the craft beer scene,
which events or festivals we’ll be at, and so much more.

Just hit the button to get things started!


Meet Our Crew

These are just a few of the Characters you’ll see & meet at the taproom or out at various beer festivals.


What are customers saying?

We love our customers and what they have to say about us and our beers.
Here are just a few highlights from the various Social Media/Digital platforms out there!


Festivals you'll find us at:

We’re proud to have served at these festivals in the past. Keep an eye on our blog & event calendar for future festivals/events to find us at!


From Blog News

You want to explore a bit more about who we are, what we’ve done in the past, and our
thoughts on various matters? Then you’ve found a good starting point:

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Get In Touch

Need a bit more info about us and what we do or where we are? Take a look below!

Hours & Address Details

On the Corner of 6th & Perry Street, in the Round Water-Tower Building.

Monday to Thursday : 3pm to 9pm
Friday to Saturday: 11am to 10pm
Sunday: Noon to 8pm

Our Mission

We believe in taking back the “Community Center” from cold, stale government buildings and bring it back into the daily lives of citizens. Our dream is to provide a space for friends, families, neighbors, and fellow residents to gather and discuss life, society, politics or sports while drinking great beer in a warm, friendly & cozy atmosphere!

A Brief History

We opened to the public on a Friday in January of 2016 with 4 beers on tap – and by the end of that weekend we were serving 6 of our heritage-style beers. In our first year of operation we brewed over 4600 gallons of beer, served up 37,000 pints of beer, and attended 8 festivals – including the Great American Beer Fest in 2016.

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